Sacred Passage on Flinders Island with John Milton

I want to warmly invite you to come on a Sacred Passage in Flinders Island, Tasmania, with John Milton. Please see the brochure below.


John Milton is a remarkable human being, a very powerful spiritual teacher and certainly a revered elder of the global environmental movement. Way of Nature Australia, of which I am a board member, is bringing John to Australia for the third time to run the 10-day Sacred Passage. John has previously guided this retreat on coast of Flinders Island and in the rainforest of SE Queensland. Although I haven’t spent time in nature with John (as my fellow board members have) I have had many powerful life shaping solo and group experiences in nature in Australia and remote mountain ranges around the world.

I am going on this Sacred Passage to gain insight into John’s wisdom, collected from many traditions, to deepen and enrich my relationship with nature, each other and myself. This journey is important for me for learning compassion, humility and respect in strengthening my purpose and my work in the world Transforming Business, Society and Self – Building Capacity for Deep Innovation. Nature is a wonderful teacher. As Albert Einstein said “Look deep into nature, and you will understand everything better.”

This is a deeply connecting experience with nature and yourself. I would greatly value you joining me, John and others if you are also called by this unique opportunity.

We are now marketing this retreat and have already started filling the limited 12 places we have available. Please note the early bird price.

You may well have seen Way of Nature Australia or our retreats appear in Facebook or LinkedIn. If not you might like to join our Facebook group or see the Sacred Passage event page on LinkedIn  By all means please share these pages with your networks. That would help a lot as we continue to grow the Way of Nature community.

If you are looking for a shorter more local experience hosted by Way of Nature Australia stewards you could also consider a 4 day retreat from 12th – 16th September 2012 available at

I hope the Sacred Passage might be of interest to you and would be pleased to chat about it if that would help.

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