My answers to Rachel, Pennie and Phoebe’s 3 questions

Here’s my answers to Rachel, Pennie and Phoebe’s 3 questions in their Invitation to the Spring Equinox LSC gathering

1. Where has your project progressed to?  Or, if your project is not progressing, what is a new project, idea or activity you have embarked upon since we last met?

My project was to:
– Conduct a successful Leading Social Change (LSC) program
– Collaborate to set up Way of Nature Australia organisation and run a retreat in September. This organisation has been established to run nature retreats that deepen and enrich our relationship with Nature, each other and ourselves.
– Collaborate with Tjanara to host pathways to leadership learning experiences with indigenous elders in Central Australia
– Tell positive story to hundreds of people about how Australia can be repowered with 100% renewable energy by 2020

Measures of success:
– 13 people fantastic people turned up for Leading Social Change Transition Day and 1 resilient one went back to France
– 6 Beyond Zero Emissions presentations to 150+ people, 25 people trained and 11 ready to present as presenters in Canberra
– Plan for 3 day expedition to camp and partner with the Umpiyara Anangu Elders and Teachers, Uncle Bob Randall and Barbara Tjikatu and learn ways of knowing, doing and being to care for self, people and country the Anangu Way in the Umpiyara Homelands at Uluru in May 2012.
– Charter, constitution and draft website for Way of Nature Australia established. Preparing for community to conduct a 4 day event, including a 48 hour solo in Nature on 21-25 Sept near Nowra

New projects
– to listen to and more deeply support LSCers to bring their projects into reality
– to partner with Phoebe and other change agents to host a gathering to co-create the emerging possibility of a Canberra City Farm/Hub that celebrates and sustains the involvement of many Canberrans
– to partner with other LSCers to create some great video stories to go on YouTube and use our collective learning insights to co-plan and conduct a second Leading Social Change program
– to partner with JigsawHousing builders and architects Tom and Andrew and Jenny from Scinergy energy efficiency experts to engage with the community to design an 8 star, $200k home for Canberrans
– to continue to explore ways to transform Business, Society, and Self by building collective capacity for deep innovation
– keep learning how to honour and respect (love) myself, honour and respect (love) everyone else and honour and respect (love) mother nature

2. What can this group help you with in your activity, project, or intentions for the next six weeks?
– Keep organising gatherings of LSCers to deeply support each other as a learning community
– Keep telling authentic, deep, vulnerable, juicy resilient stories about the people learning together Leading Social Change
Listen to my learning insights and challenges
– Help support running the next Leading Social Change program when the time is right
– Take time to be Still

3. Decide on one important intention for your life that you would like to manifest in the Spring.  This can be something you want to do, something you would like to happen to you, or something you want to see in the world.  It can be personal, or something you would like to share.  This is important, as we will be undertaking a Spring ritual that will start the life of your intention, and you will literally watch it grow!

To live a life of no regrets. Do those things that are most meaningful and authentic and welcome and support other people to do the same.


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3 Responses to My answers to Rachel, Pennie and Phoebe’s 3 questions

  1. Ann Milligan says:

    Thank you for drawing me to read this blog, Mark. It’s a new way of thinking, to me. Ann.

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