A Practice Guide for Authentic Leadership and facilitation

Here is a helpful guide from the research of Dana Pearlman, Phil Long and Christopher Baan that further describes the embodiment elements of being a leader and facilitator, that I have been enjoying us exploring lately.

In their research they were asking the question “How can you lead authentically and effectively engage groups in collaborative processes towards sustainability?”

This practice guide is the result of thesis research by Dana Pearlman, Christopher Baan and Phil Long, for the Master’s in Strategic Leadership towards Sustainability, at Blekinge Institute of Technology, Sweden, in 2011. The research consisted of literature review, and interviews and surveys with 33 facilitators, hosts and change agents working on transformational change and/or sustainability, from around Europe, North America and Africa. One result is a Practice Guide for Authentic Leadership in Strategic Sustainable Development.

A Practice Guide for Authentic Leadership in Strategic Sustainable Development presents nine personal leadership capacities that authentic leaders, change agents and facilitators find essential in their work when facilitating large-scale, complex, transformational change in organisations and communities. Furthermore, it suggests practices (ranging from contemplative and spiritual to physical, engaging both head, heart and hands) that help in developing your personal leadership capacities.

– being present
– suspension and letting go
– intention aligned with higher purpose
– compassion
– whole system awareness
– whole self awareness
– personal power
– sense of humour
– dealing with dualities and paradoxes

You are welcome to download, read and share the practice guide. Please let Dana, Phil and Christopher know if you find it particularly helpful in your work, or if you have constructive feedback for improvement, as they are looking forward to continually improve this guide.

The guide is available at


I am particularly interested in collaborating with others to co-create more opportunities for these leadership practices to floursih at all levels in our transforming world.

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