Stillness – lessons for Leaders

Participants of the Leading Social Change program authentically presented their learning insights about what is involved in being a leader to their peers and invited guests.

They shared the following diagram showing the elements a leader is balancing in all moments of their life.

Balancing Stillness as a Leader

The Self (and Relationships) is the fulcrum for balancing Personal and Family with The Work I Do in The World along a continuum of Contributing.

Contributing brings Busyness and the real task of a leader is to focus on introducing Stillness and Centredness to their own self management.

These growing, self aware leaders engaged us in a wonderful exercise of inviting each member of the audience to share a short story of how they found Stillness in their daily lives.

Many people slowly and thoughtfully reflected about how they achieved Stillness by many paths including stepping into nature, doing domestic tasks with presence and gratitude, taking deep breaths and looking up to the stars.

Other learning stories involved sharing sincere insights that connect Love and Power by being vulnerable in serving a meaningful purpose with others.

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4 Responses to Stillness – lessons for Leaders

  1. Thanks Mark, that’s a succinct and powerful summary/interepretation of our diagram and words on the day. Stephen

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  3. markspain says:

    Before one goes into action one must be still – Thich Nhat Hanh

    More wisdom from Thich Nhat Hanh

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