Leading Social Change program

We have designed and facilitated many leadership and change programs in big organisations for more than 20 years.

We are now expanding that work to engage with and support individual and community social entrepreneurs, change agents and innovators.

Our commitment  is to facilitate a FREE transformational program called  LEADING SOCIAL CHANGE.

We are inviting applications from  interested individuals. Unfortunately, we won’t be able to accept all comers. We are limiting numbers to 18 people. This is a very personal, selective ‘hands-on’ experience! You will get value and so will we. We are looking for people who are talented, on a mission, purposeful, filled with passion and empathy and want to do something worth doing and make a real difference for others.

Interested? Or know someone who might be, then please apply or forward this invite on to interested colleagues.

Program information is available at


Thanks for your support in this change initiative.

Mark Spain and Steve Colman
Global Learning
p 02 6249 1344
http://globallearning.com.au – Facilitating change, leadership and innovation
http://imeet.com.au – Australia’s premier collaborative meeting technology

Take a stand http://www.fouryearsgo.org
Part of my work as a change agent includes the Changing the Dream Symposium.
See the trailer http://vimeo.com/2217073
For more on enACT for the Future see  http://www.globallearning.com.au/enact/
Member SEE Change (Society, Environment, Economy) Communities Creating Sustainable Change in Canberra http://www.see-change.org.au/
Leading Social Change Program http://globallearning.com.au/longview/leading_social_change.pdf
Volunteer presenter for Beyond Zero Emissions http://www.beyondzeroemissions.org
Steward Way of Nature Australia http://wona.org.au/

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