Some online tools I have found useful

Here’s a few online tools I have found useful and played with over the FO2010 program. I would also recommend them for your consideration.

  1. Creating my own video animations with xtranormal for telling stories
  2. Creating a wiki for sharing a conceptual framework that can be easily updated and edited by anyone
  3. Staying connected to my inhouse community using Yammer
  4. Running engaging meetings with an agenda and deliverables using iMEET!
  5. Creating presentations and stories with Prezi.
  6. A friend, James Neill has engaged his students in co-writing a book using a wiki as their assessment. (70 undergraduate students wrote a 700page text book in 3 months. You can print a bound copy on demand.)
  7. Spreading good ideas fast around the world using 18mins TED talks. This one is about ”How do we engage in our lives from a place of authenticity and worthiness?”

Here’s a bonus that I think leads the way to the future

  1. Using some excellent face-to-face facilitation processes in the Art of Hosting. These facilitation processes can be transferred to the online world when the techology for managing the transition between small and large groups improves. The best at this so far are Maestro Conferences

In terms of the future I am interested in using these technologies to co-create, nurture and sustain global and local Learning Circles on any topic members of the community want to initiate. Circles will run for a fixed period of time then share their learning with the community before new circles reform in an ongoing process that always welcomes new members.

What are some of your favorite tools? If you add yours here. I will compile a list and share them with the whole community.

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3 Responses to Some online tools I have found useful

  1. Thanks for links. I am having a play now with Xtranormal.

    One of my favourite tools is Animoto, which makes videos from photos and images.

  2. Hi Mark, just about to send you your participation certificate for FO2010. Thank you very much for all your input. Sometimes I find what you say very challenging because you put things in a way that I haven’t thought about. And whilst I might find that a tad worrying at first, I find it is really valuable because you get me thinking.

    I would love to hear more about your thoughts on how I can make this course more community focused…can support learners to come together more to mentor themselves and make the course more learner-centred. I am really committed to learner-centred, experiential learning, and whilst I think FO2010 goes some way to encapsulate these concepts, I agree that there is more work I can do on its design.

    On the other hand, I will be looking at “automating” things more next year to reduce my workload, to make the course more sustainable. So its going to be even more important that I build in learner-centred learning activities that reduce the amount of one-to-one work I do…which just is not sustainable at the moment.

    So any thoughts will be gratefully received 🙂 cheers Sarah

  3. markspain says:

    Hi Sarah, thanks for initiating this conversation. I feel like this medium is not the best for this type of exchange for me. Is it possible to have a skype call? I’ll contact you by email.

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