Week 3 reflections

I’ve been away hosting a fantastic workshop on the Art of Hosting and Harvesting Conversations that Matter #AoH on the south east coast of Australia. Here’s a Prezi harvest. I’ve missed the live Elluminate sessions but have just listened and watched the last Elluminate session asynchronously. I will watch the recommended videos this week. I am noticing as a participant that it is helpful when the facilitator provides a weekly structure with clear expectations and then allows the space for participants to self-manage whilst also providing a safe environment and channels to ask for help. I have visited a couple of blogs when someone else has referred to them but have not left comments. I’ve started to setup iGoogle but have not got the RSS feeds I want to subscribe to worked out yet. I am valuing seeing how Elluminate works but I have not used it live yet.

It will be good for me to notice the seven skills of facilitating in this online environment:
– listens
– supports
– summarises
– challenges
– leads the process
– creates a safe environment
– trusts the group
I have already noticed Sarah and others doing this well.

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2 Responses to Week 3 reflections

  1. How will you use Elluminate with your iPhone?

    • markspain says:

      For the way Elluminate works my preference would be to use a device with a bigger screen – iPad or laptop. I wouldn’t muck around with Elluminate on an iPhone.

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