Week 2 – Learning goals

Here’s my plan for what I want to learn and explore in answer to Sarah’s questions.

1. I want to learn to facilitate a community of people working both asynchronously and synchronously over a fixed time period of time to co-create a common document that is a record of their work together including the invitation, group purpose, a project plan and learning reflections.

2. I am doing now in terms of online facilitation – skype calls to colleagues around Australia and the world to collaborate on group projects – using iMEET! http://imeet.com.au, Google docs, Ning and email for asynchronous communication.

I also design and facilitate 12 week leadership development action learning programs that combine powerful relationship and trust building face-to-face workshops with action learning in the workplace supported by online modules via iMEET! http://globallearning.com.au

3. I would like to achieve, change or do more of – creating simple to use wikis where timid people could easily replace their email contributions into co-creating ideas together in one space to generate a strong meaningful project plan together. This is not just a tool issue but an issue of designing a good invitation, structure, process and conversation container. I would like to be able to easily set up and publish a website where people can simply enrol in small group time bounded projects and report back their learning insights to the broader community.

4. What I need to do or make happen to achieve my goal is become more intimately familiar with the best range of online tools and processes for engaging people without making them feel burdened. Making invitations and instructions clear, simple and compelling. Making contributing easy and richly rewarding by seeing how others value your contributions even though they may not make it through to the final document/artifact.

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7 Responses to Week 2 – Learning goals

  1. Karen Humber says:

    Well said Mark! I appreciate your clarity and specificity – it helps me get clear about what I want to focus on and what I need to do to get there. Looking forward to learning along with you.
    Best wishes,

  2. Thank you Mark for your example of how to write learning goals succinctly. Sarah suggested that you have measurable goals and I can see what she means by that. Looks like you are well on the way to meeting your goals.

  3. markspain says:

    Thanks Karen and Carolyn for your thoughtful and encouraging feedback. I now need a good system to stay in touch with everyone else’s blogs in one place. Does anyone know how to do this in a one stop shop?

  4. Hey Mark, what I just in the process of putting all the RSS feeds into Google Reader and a folder there. That is then feeding into my iGoogle page.

    Thanks for this post which I have cited a good framework for people to follow. I will be interested to see how much you achieve in the next few weeks and how much continues to be a goal after the course. Good luck

  5. Carole says:

    Hello Mark, I can recommend the creation of an iGoogle page to aggregate your RSS feeds to their blogs. That way they will appear as updates each time you login. I use my iGoogle page as my home page: it include my most frequented URLs, my Facebook and Twitter feeds as well as links to my Google Reader for RSS feeds from my network. If you want some simple steps in setting up iGoogle please visit: https://sites.google.com/site/coachcarolesite/google-lessons/igoogle

  6. Hi Mark, this sounds really interesting. I really like the idea of an interactive document that everyone (even the most technologically timid) can contribute to, sharing and constructing the knowledge as you work together. I must pop in and see the sites you have referenced.
    Thank you

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